JUNE 26 - 28, 2009
KP4DXC DX Expedition - Culebra Island, Puerto Rico (PR002)


This website is dedicated to Radio Amateur DX Expedition. The KP4DXC US Islands on the Air Mini DX Expedition is sponsored by Radio Operadores del Este Amateur Radio Club. During June 26 - 28, 2009 Culebra Island will be activated as a United States Island (PR002).

I personally thanks Mr. Budd Drummond W3FF for his support regarding the homebrewed version of the Buddistick.

Basic radio equipment will be used during the DX Expedition. ICOM Radio and basic antennas like dipoles and homebrewed Buddistick antennas for 6 to 40m, also a vertical for 80m.

I will be more than pleased to contact you and certainly QSL is OK 

Jose R Vega KP4VP                                                      Apartment 1504 Paseo de Monteflores  Condominium                                                                  Carolina Puerto Rico 00987-7050



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